The Silver Pentacle Necklace (Handcrafted) - Unisex

Handmade Silver Pentacle Pendant, Solid Silver Pentacle Necklace

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Our Pentacle necklace is Handcrafted by SilverfireUK from sterling silver, beautifully designed with symbols of the craft. The pentacle pendant is approximately 2cm diameter and has a good thickness to the silver.  Our pentacle necklace comes complete with a fixed bale where the adjustable length 1.40mm curb chain hangs from. The chain is suitable for men as well as women.  To personalise your pentacle necklace you can choose to have up to 4 letters/digits inscribed on the back of the pentacle. Let us know in the instruction box during the checkout process what you'd like inscribed (anything more than 4 digits will cost extra). 

Category: Pentacle Necklace, Pagan, Wiccan Jewellery, 
Material:  Sterling Silver (unless you request fine silver), 
Size of Pentacle: approximately 20mm (2cm) , 
Necklace length: adjustable from 20" up to 22". 

The pentacle is usually the centrepiece of the altar and was traditionally made from wood or wax and was typically a few inches in diameter. Today the pentacle is often made as a disc of metal such as copper. Our beautiful pentacle pendant is handmade from silver and features the following symbols:

  • a centre upright pentagram (the main symbol of the craft)
  • the inverted triangle on the top left forms the first degree
  • the inverted pentagram represents the second degree
  • the upright triangle above the main pentagram represents the symbol of the third-degree initiation. 
  • The horned god (bottom left)
  • Goddess Waxing and Waning Moon crescents (bottom right)
  • The two SSs at the bottom form the polarity of Mercy and Severity in the form of a kiss (plain S) and the scourge (S with a stroke)

This is and example of an Alexandrian / Gardnerian pentacle and appears in Janet and Stewart Farrar’s book A Witches’ Bible. Because we handcraft this pentacle each piece will vary slightly. To some a pentacle can be very personal and as such there are many variations of the design with different symbols to represent particular occasions. If you want the symbols changed or rearranged in a different order let us know what you'd like and we will make it for you. (There is likely to be an additional charge if you want the piece custom made for you. The extra cost will approximately be around £15 depending on what it is you want. Contact us for further info).  

 From January 2017 this gorgeous pentacle pendant will be handmade from sterling silver, unless you specifically request 99.9 fine silver. 


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