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Triquetra jewellery designed in solid sterling silver, or gold. Triquetra & Trinity Knot necklace jewellery, bracelets and Triquetra earrings. We've Triquetra jewellery for men as well as women. Scroll down the page to view all of our Triquetra jewellery. 

A brief meaning of the Triquetra symbol: The 'Triquetra' is also known as the 'Trinity Knot' or the Celtic Triangle and is one of the most popular Celtic symbols. The Triquetra comes from the Latin "three corner". The Trinity Knot and Triquetra design consists of three corners (arcs) and some Triquetra designs feature a circle in the centre to symbolise the union of three elements; the three are one (see below). It's a very old symbol often associated with the Celts and it's been found on carved stones from the 8th century. The Celts/Druids, saw the three interlocking celtic knots as a representation of the natural forces of earth, air, and water.  The meaning of the Triquetra symbol has been used by different religions, from Pagan, Wiccan to Christian. It was in the later years that Christians came to adopt the Trinity symbol and to them it represents The Son, Father and Holy Spirit. Traditionally for Pagans and Wiccans the arcs on the Triquetra / Trinity Knot represents the Triple Goddess, The Maiden, Mother and Crone, and the circle in the centre of the knot symbolises the union / joining of three. It represents the threefold nature of the Goddess. The Triquetra symbol is also associated with the 'triple moon', luna phases. 

We love Triquetra and Trinity Knot jewellery and we have a lovely selection to choose from below. 

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