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Bespoke Silver Jewellery

Custom Made Jewellery in East Sussex. From unique gothic designs to Celtic style jewellery and any other beautiful jewellery ideas you may have!  

Custom Made Gothic Jewellery Custom Made Celtic Jewellery Custom made pagan jewellery custom made alternative jewellery

 Do you have an idea of something special that you'd like made into a unique one off jewellery piece? SilverfireUK Jewellery can help you to design and make a bespoke piece of silver or gold jewellery especially for you or your loved one.  
Based in rural East Sussex, SilverfireUK's custom made pieces are unique designs, always crafted to a high level of skill, that can be treasured for a lifetime. How long the process takes will vary depending on what you want made, and our current workload, but as a general guide you should allow between 3 - 8 weeks for the jewellery to be made after approval of a design. 

Your custom made jewellery will usually be handcrafted in sterling silver or you can choose fine silver (99.9% silver), or gold.  This will be discussed with you during the initial stages. While we specialise in silver you can choose gold you'd prefer. 

A SilverfireUK bespoke jewellery commission will usually consist of three main stages:

1. Initial Contact & Ideas: Contact SilverfireUK at sales@silverfireuk.co.uk or call 01323 332945 (Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm) to discuss your idea OR complete the Bespoke Jewellery Enquiry Form below. During this stage there may be a few emails back and forth in order for us to work with you to get a clearer idea of what you're after. At this stage the design does not need to be fully realised or finalised - that will happen at stage 3. Our designer just needs a clearer idea of what you want so they can provide you with a likely cost estimate along with a time estimate, and you can then decide whether you want to proceed further.  

2. Payment: After accepting the estimates and as soon as payment is made the process will swiftly move onto stage 3 - the design process. 

3. Jewellery Design: During this stage SilverfireUK's designer will work closely with you,  usually by email to go fully through the designs / concepts.  If you do not have a design our designer will do this for you based on your ideas.  Your also welcome to visit the studio workshop (strictly by appointment only) to discuss your requirements.  Before making your jewellery in silver (or other metal of your choosing) we will produce either a computer generated design for you to approve or our designer will produce a hand drawn design. While the use of computers in jewellery design is becoming more commonplace, it’s not suitable for all jewellery and as such we don't always use it.  Only when you are happy with the design and approve it, SilverfireUK will  begin making the jewellery. 

4.  Jewellery Making: SilverfireUK will begin handcrafting your bespoke jewellery piece. 

Bespoke Silver Jewellery UK

Email or call SilverfireUK now to begin the process OR complete the Form Below: 


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