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SilverfireUK Alternative Jewellery

Unusual & beautiful jewellery designs in solid sterling silver and a small selection of gold jewellery. Our Steampunk jewellery is made from various materials. Our jewellery includes various designs from Celtic style jewellery to beautiful gothic designs. Most of our Jewellery is ready to ship, and some  pieces are  'made to order'. There's always the option to have a bespoke 'one off' custom piece of jewellery made too! 



All of our necklaces and lockets from all of our different ranges, from Love Heart Necklaces, Moons, Celtic, Gothic & more. All of our necklace annd locket jewellery is crafted from solid silver or gold, unless stated otherwise. .

beautiful earrings


Our Full Collection of Earrings. Solid sterling silver earrings and a small selection of gold earrings. Here you'll find hoop earrings, studs, threader earrings and various dangle / drop earrings. 


rings for men and women


Solid silver rings for men and women. Our full range of rings from gothixc style to beautiful Celtic designs. We also have moon rings and pentagram rings. 

bracelets for men and women


Bracelets for Men & Women - our full range. Solid sterling silver bracelets & bangles, a small selection of gold bracelets and some beautifully designed leather bracelets.