Custom Jewellery Showcase

SilverfireUK Custom Made Jewellery 

Below is just a few of the custom jewellery items we have custom made for our customers. To submit a custom jewellery request, our enquiry form can be viewed by  Clicking Here.  

Handmade Custom Rings

Solid silver custom ring designed and made for our customer in solid silver using the traditional method of lost wax casting.

handmade custom rings uk

Handcrafted Custom Pendants & Necklaces

Custom Phoenix and robin pendant with blue sapphire. Designed and made by SilverfireUK, with the phoenix design hand craved in wax before casting in silver. The second custom necklace features a beautiful Celtic knot weave.

handmade custom pendants and custom necklaces  uk

Bespoke Animal Bracelets

Beautiful bespoke animal jewellery consisting of his and her custom bracelets, with each animal hand carved  in wax before casting in solid silver using the traditional method of lost wax casting. Between the animal links are Celtic love hearts and the centrepiece features our customers initials entwined together.

Bespoke Jewellery, Custom Made Animal Bracelets

Lindorm Amulet

Custom made 'one off' Lindorm Amulet based on the character from the animated action-adventure from the Huntik Foundation group. Handmade in sterling silver for our customer and set with a bright green cubic zirconia cabochon.

Custom Lindorm amulet, Bespoke Jewellery

Custom Made Jewellery:  Valkyrie Necklace, and Moonstone Ring 

Handmade jewellery custom made at our workshop in Sussex UK. An unusual  necklace designed around a Valkyrie theme set with a carnelian stone. And a wide ring in solid silver set with grey moonstones. 

custom made jewellery uk designers

 Custom Made Gold Pokemon

Beautifully handcrafted solid gold Pokemon head custom made for our customer and set with blue topaz gemstones

custom made gold jewellery, pokemon uk

Bespoke Custom Made Locket

Large solid silver locket custom made for our customer. Bespoke design and like most of our custom jewellery this beautiful locket was hand sculpted in wax and then cast in silver. Very detailed heavy weight custom locket, with patterning to the back of the locket as well the front and inside. 

Bespoke Jewellery Custom Made Locket

Custom Ear Tunnels 

Hand crafted ear tunnels in solid sterling silver with viking runes, custom made.  Large heavy weight ear tunnels weighing over 30g each. If you'd like ear tunnels designed and custom made for you, please contact us and/or see the custom jewellery process here: Custom Jewellery Enquiries 

 Custom ear tunnels

Custom Made Ram Necklace 

Custom ram necklace with each link hand sculpted, cast and soldered to make a striking raven beak style chain linked together with a centrepiece ram's head. The ram's head is connected to the chain on a sterling silver handmade  pivot to aid movement.  

custom ram necklace, biker


Custom Celtic Ring & Earrings 

Custom made Celtic jewellery handmade in sterling silver with black enamel and beautiful turquoise gemstones; matching Celtic ring and earrings. 

custom Celtic Jewellery

Bespoke Jewellery: Arrow Pendant and Coat of Arms

Bespoke solid silver arrow style pendant set with peridot, and a custom made coat of arms pendant made specifically for our customer with red and blue enamel; double sided with different patterning to the front and the back. 

bespoke custom jewellery uk

Bearded Dragon 

Highly detailed bearded dragon hand sculpted and then cast into solid silver. This gorgeous and quite large bespoke piece was based on a photo of our customers actual bearded dragon! At our customers request we made the piece into a brooch.

Bearded Dragon Jewellery Custom Made

Custom Knights Templar Cross

Handmade Solid Sterling Silver Knights Templar Inspired Cross With Turquoise Enamel.  A nice thick and chunky necklace - custom made to our customers specifications.  

custom knights templar cross


Bespoke MN Token Pendant

Bespoke Solid Silver double sided round pendant handmade with a square open centre. One side of the pendant has raised highly polished  letters against a dark patina background, while the other side has raised silver patterning against a dark background. 

custom made necklace


Rustic Custom Made Star Of David Necklace With Roses 

Bespoke Star Of David Pendant In Solid Silver with a rustic background and three roses. 


custom made necklace uk


Custom Made Stargate & Wander Over Yonder Inspired Necklace  

Handmade Necklace with the star-gate constellations relevant for our customer, featuring the Wander Over Yonder hat. This custom necklace is handmade in solid sterling silver with a 9ct gold star. 

custom made jewellery uk


Crucifix Wall Hanging  

Large & Heavy 15cm Crucifix crafted in solid Britannia Silver. - very detailed. 

large silver crucifix


Custom Made Pilots Brooch

Solid Silver custom Made Pilots Brooch. Inspired by Angel Wings this beautifully handcrafted pilots brooch was designed with one of our customers for their friend who had recently received their pilots license. 

Custom Made Pilots Brooch


Custom Made Suitcase Locket

Handmade custom solid sterling silver suitcase locket. Beautifully designed nice heavyweight silver locket.  

Custom Made Suitcase Locket

Elephant and Cat Necklace:

Bespoke piece for one of our customers based on their design idea with a small gold cat looking towards an elephants head.  A Handmade Custom Pendant in solid sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold.

Bespoke Elephant Jewellery

Bespoke Gothic Bangle:

Handcrafted Solid Sterling Silver Gothic Bangle with gothic crosses and  beautifully inscribed gothic writing from Bram Stoker's Dracula: "those whom we love shall again be free" 


Custom gothic bangle


Custom Steampunk Dragon Pendant:

Handmade bronze dragon embedded into a handcrafted solid silver base with various vintage watch parts, cogs and gears. Personalised with initials on the front and on the back of the steampunk pendant. If you'd like a custom bespoke piece of steampunk jewellery made for you, please contact us. 

Custom Steampunk Jewellery

Robin & Rose Jewellery Set

Beautifully designed Robin Jewellery Set consisting of silver Robin Birds with Red Roses. Handmade and crafted in solid silver with red enamel. This custom made jewellery set consists of a pair of earrings (one earring of a robin on a rose stem, the other earring a red rose) and a Robin necklace with the rose entwined. 

Bespoke Custom Robin Jewellery Set


Prince Symbol & Music Clef Jewellery Commission

Custom Made Prince Symbol Handcrafted in solid sterling silver featuring a purple Amethyst gemstone.

prince Music Symbol Jewellery Commission


Scottish Monument Necklace 

Bespoke Handcrafted Monument Celtic Necklace in solid sterling silver featuring a Marquise cut Garnet gemstone. The Scottish monument sits between beautiful Celtic Knotwork sides: 

Scottish Monument Celtic Necklace, Custom Made


Custom Made Rings & Bespoke Necklaces

Handmade rectangular brick design ring and a solid sterling silver gothic style fleur de lis pendant. 

Custom Made Bespoke Jewellery UK

Gothic Wedding Ring:

Custom Made Solid Silver Gothic Ring, Handmade with Crocodile Side and Features and a Centre Sigil. Contact us about having a bespoke Gothic Wedding Ring made for you.
Gothic Wedding Ring Custom Jewellery

Celtic Knotwork Necklace

Handcrafted Celtic Knot Necklace in solid sterling silver with a very pretty adjustable length sterling silver chain: 

Celtic Knot Necklace - Custom Handmade Celtic Jewellery

Celtic Wolf Bangle

Stunning Handmade Wolf Bangle in solid sterling silver. This custom made wolf  bangle features a wolf howling at the moon in the centre with two running Celtic wolves either side, and Celtic knotwork rectangles. A very impressive wolf bangle!

Wolf Bangle Solid Silver


Celtic Wolf Bangle Video: (if the video doesn't load below it can be viewed directly on the SilverfireUK YouTube channel).



Bespoke Pagan Jewellery

Handcrafted Pagan Headdress set with a pretty Rainbow Moonstone, and a custom made Pagan Ring, also handmade in solid silver. 

Bespoke Pagan Jewellery UK

Skull Scissor Pendant

Bespoke Skull Pendant Handmade from pure 99.9% silver. The traditional crossbones were swapped for a scissor design:

Skull Scissor Pendant, Custom Made Skull Jewelry


Celtic Spiral Bracelet

Handcrafted Spiral Bracelet with a solid sterling silver centrepiece Celtic spiral on a dark brown braided leather bracelet:

Celtic Spiral Bracelet, Custom Made Celtic Bracelet


Silver Punk Badge

Custom Handmade Punk badge From pure 99.9% Silver with badge fittings:

Silver Punk Badge, Custom Made Silver Badges



Henry Emblem 

Fallen Angel Pendant custom made and handcrafted in solid silver:

Henry Emblem In Silver,Custom Made Biker Pendants