NEW: Snowflake Obsidian Victorian Style Silver Necklace

Snowflake Obsidian Silver Necklace,

£57.00 GBP

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Snowflake Obsidian Silver Necklace: gorgeous silver necklace with a Victorian style vibe! A lovely design with the beautiful gemstone of snowflake obsidian within a solid sterling silver setting. Comes with a presentation gift box. 

The snowflake obsidian gemstones are natural and a such each piece will vary slightly in terms of patterning. 

This gorgeous obsidian snowflake necklace is also available to purchase as a leather choker - see our    choker necklaces  collection.  

Category: Snowflake Obsidian Necklace, 
Material: sterling silver, snowflake obsidian, 
Choker Length: choose your length from the menu. 


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