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Small Skull Hoop Earrings,

Skull Hoop Earrings, Sterling Silver Skull Earrings, Skull Hoops

£18.00 £20.98


Skull Hoop Earrings -  Small 12mm hoop earrings with nicely designed small skull charms. Nice detail to the skulls. The hoop earrings and the skull charms are crafted in solid sterling silver. These skull hoop earrings are suitable for men & women. As with all of our skull earrings these skull hoops comes with a presentation gift box. Also see our full selection of skull jewellery.  

Category: Skull Earrings, Skull Jewellery, 
Material: solid 925 sterling silver,   
Approximate Sizes:  
  • Hoops: 12mm (1.2cm). 
  • Skulls: from 28th Oct 2018 new size of approx 10mm. 



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