Pentagram Dangle Earrings, 11mm pentacles

Pentagram Earrings, Pentacle Dangle Earrings, Sterling Silver, Pagan

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Pentagram Dangle Earrings: nicely designed sterling silver Pentagram earrings now with pretty hook fittings featuring a small silver bead near where the small pentagrams dangle. Pentagrams within circles are often referred to as pentacles (although according to some, pentacles would usually have a solid background); whereas these small pentagrams have a cut out design, just like our pentagram charms. 

Much more pentacle jewellery available - see our full range of  Wiccan & Pagan jewellery.  

Category: Pentagram Earrings, Pagan, Wiccan, 
Material: solid 925 sterling silver  
Size of Pentagrams: Diameter approx 11mm (1.1cm) 


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