Onyx Locket

Onyx Locket, Solid Silver Victorian Gothic Style Pill Box Locket

£56.00 GBP

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Onyx Locket: Gothic style locket or pill box in solid sterling silver with beautiful patterning to the silver. To the centre of the patterning on the top lid this gorgeous locket is set with a black Onyx gemstone.  The locket opens and shuts nicely allowing you to keep a photo or other keepsake. This beautiful Onyx Locket isn't quite as big as the Garnet Pill Box Locket. 

There's the option to either purchase this locket on its own without a chain, or with a good quality sterling silver necklace, 1.40mm thickness and 20" length. The Onyx Locket is also available as a Choker Necklace with gorgeous Black Velvet Ribbon. See our range of gothic chokers, or view our full selection of other Lockets. 

Category: Poison Locket, Locket,
Material:  solid 925 sterling silver
Stone: Black Onyx, 
Locket Size:  all sizes are approximate:

  • Outside dimensions 25mm x 20mm (2.5cm x 2cm).   
  • Inside of Locket 5mm depth not including the lid! The overall depth of the locket is approximately 8mm (0.8cm). 

VIDEO Of Our Onyx Locket : it may take a few seconds to load! 


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