Onyx Locket

Onyx Locket, Solid Silver Locket With Onyx Gemstone, Pill Box Locket

£52.00 GBP

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Onyx Locket: Gothic style locket or pill box in solid sterling silver with beautiful patterning to the silver and black Onyx gemstone.  The locket opens and shuts nicely allowing you to keep a photo or other keepsake. This beautiful Onyx Locket isn't quite as big as the Garnet Pill Box Locket. 

There's the option to either purchase this locket on its own without a chain, or with a good quality sterling silver necklace, 1.40mm thickness and 20" length. The Onyx Locket is also available as a Choker Necklace with gorgeous Black Velvet Ribbon. See our range of gothic chokers, or view our full selection of other Lockets. 

Category: Poison Locket, Locket,
Material:  solid 925 sterling silver
Stone: Black Onyx, 
Locket Size:  all sizes are approximate:

  • Outside dimensions 25mm x 20mm (2.5cm x 2cm).   
  • Inside of Locket 5mm depth not including the lid! The overall depth of the locket is approximately 8mm (0.8cm). 

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