Moon Earrings With Opal

Moon Earrings With Opal, Crescent Moon Earrings - Real Opal

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Moon Earrings With Opal: very pretty crescent moon earrings handmade  in solid sterling silver and set with real Opals. We mainly use Australian Opal (sometimes Ethiopian opal depending on the colours available), which are usually a semi clear whitish colour with beautiful blue and green opalescence, and some have flashes of fire (orange).  We also have an Opal Necklace and an Opal Ring to match these pretty Moon earrings, sold separately.  

These crescent moon opal earrings are Handmade To Order, so please allow approx 10 - 15 working days for UK Delivery (longer to International destinations). 

Category: Moon Necklace, Moon Jewellery, 
Material: 925 solid sterling silver, 
Earring size: approx 15mm (1.5cm), 
Gemstone: Opal, 
Gemstone Size: approx 4mm,    
Necklace Length: choose from the Options menu. 

Note: we use real opals and as such each stone will vary slightly in relation to depth and shades of colour,  some may have more blue, some more green, or orange, etc.  We will do our best to match the opals for the each pair of earrings but the opals will not be exactly the same due to being natural gemstones :)  

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