Hare Necklace With Amethyst

Hare Necklace With Amethyst, Sterling Silver Hare Necklace

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Hare Necklace: beautiful hare necklace with the hare gazing at the Amethyst moon. A lovely nicely designed sterling silver hare necklace set with a small Amethyst gemstone  as the distant full moon. Our Hare necklace comes with a very good quality sterling silver chain (not a cheap thin one); choose between a ladies 18inch  or a 20inch length.  Also comes with a presentation gift box. 

Category: Hare Necklace, Hare Jewellery, 
Material: 925 sterling silver,  
Stone: Amethyst, 
Pendant Size: approx 20mm, 
Necklace Length: choose 18inch or 20inch. 


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