Flying Witch Ear Threaders

Flying Witch Ear Threaders, Witch Pull Through Earrings

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Flying Witch Ear Threaders: gorgeous sterling silver threader earrings with witches flying on their broomsticks! These witch pull through earrings consist of pretty and elegant sterling silver chains with a U shaped silver wire component which sits through the ear. Some find having the U shaped component makes the earrings more comfortable to wear and that they balance better than ear threaders made from just chain. Sold as a pair. As with all of our earrings these witch ear threader come with a presentation gift box. 

Category: Witch Threaders, Pagan, Wiccan, 
Metal: solid 925 sterling silver, 
Threader Length: approximate full length 120mm (12cm), but the actual length of the longer side that the pentagram hangs is approx 62mm including the pentagram. 
Witch charm Size: approx 15mm (1.5cm) . 


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