Amethyst Silver Ring - Adjustable

Amethyst Silver Ring - Adjustable Amethyst Ring

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Amethyst Silver Ring: a lovely sterling silver ring set with the beautiful purple  gemstone of Amethyst. This ring is fully adjustable approximately from size M up to size Q, so it should fit most women. A nice sized amethyst gemstone of 10mm x 8mm.  Also available with Amber. 

The sterling silver ring rank is nice and strong, so it shouldn't;'t bend out of shape easily - but it's common sense to ensure that you adjust the size gently and you do not adjust excessively!  

Category: Amethyst Rings, 
Material: 925 solid sterling silver, 
Gemstone: Amethyst, 
Gemstone Size: approx 10mm x 8mm,     
Ring Size: adjustable from approx size M up to size Q 

Note: the shade and depth of the Amethyst stone may vary to that illustrated as we use natural Amethyst gemstones. Excessive or rough adjusting of the ring size may lead to damage. 


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