Small: Amber Hedgehog Necklace

Hedgehog Necklace With Amber Gemstone, Sterling Silver Hedgehog

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Amber Hedgehog Necklace: absolutely gorgeous small hedgehog necklace in solid sterling silver and set with a Cognac Amber gemstone. The beautifully designed silver hedgehog clutches onto the  Amber gemstone with its tiny paws! Nicely crafted with good detail. The back of the hedgehog pendant s patterned with hedgehog spines (quills). 

Our Cognac Amber hedgehog comes with a good quality 1.20mm sterling silver curb chain necklace. 

Matching hedgehog earrings available (sold separately). 

As with all of our  Animal Jewellery,  this adorable hedgehog necklace comes with a presentation gift box. 

Category: Hedgehog,  Animal Jewellery,    
Metal: solid 925 sterling silver, 
Gemstone: Cognac Amber, 
Hedgehog Size: approx 19mm x 12mm (1.9cm x 1.2cm) 
Necklace Length: choose either 18" or 20". 

Note: real amber is used for the earrings and as such each stone may vary slightly in terms of colour intensity and shade of amber. 

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