Custom Made Silver Jewellery


Based near Heathfield in East Sussex, UK, Handcrafted Unique Designs In Sterling Silver (925 silver), Britannia Silver (958), Fine Silver (99.9% silver), and Gold

If you have something specific in mind that you would like made in silver or gold,  please get in contact with us. Let us know your idea and we will let you know if we can do it :) For more information about our bespoke jewellery service click here:

Custom Made Silver Jewellery By Silverfire UK

 As well as supplying a large range of unique and beautiful sterling silver jewellery (925 silver), we love designing and making jewellery in various precious metals including Fine Silver jewellery (99.9 silver) and Gold.

Silver Custom Made Jewellery: 

If silver is your choice for your bespoke silver piece, you have the option of having your jewellery made from Sterling (925 silver), Fine (99.9 silver), or Britannia (958 silver). 

Fine silver is purer than sterling silver as it consists of  99.9% pure silver. Sterling consists of just 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% is made up from other metals such as copper which make sterling silver jewellery harder wearing.  Fine silver is purer than sterling and as such it is softer, however, it is durable and cared for correctly fine silver jewellery should last you a lifetime. 

For Complex Very Detailed Silver Designs: if you want your jewellery made from a purer silver than sterling but the design is quite complex with a lot of detail, we find that Britannia silver works better. Britannia silver (958 silver) is purer than Sterling but not quite as pure as Fine 99.9 silver - thus it isn't as soft which makes it better for picking up fine/complex detail. 

Gold Custom Made Jewellery: We can make your bespoke jewellery from various gold metals, including: 

  • 9ct Yellow, White and Red Gold. 
  • 14ct Yellow, White and Red Gold. 
  • 18ct Yellow, White and Red Gold.  
  • 18ct White Gold  (High Palladium of approx 14% Palladium alloy). 
  • 22ct Yellow Gold. 
  • Palladium 
  • Platinum 

Click on the image below for further information about our bespoke jewellery service. There's also an  ENQUIRY FORM  there that you can complete with your request so we can provide you with a cost estimate. The form requests certain details from you, we need that information in order to contact you. If you plan to email your request directly, please provide the requested information that you see on our   Custom Made Jewellery  ENQUIRY FORM.  

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