SilverfireUK Pagan & Wiccan Jewellery

SilverfireUK Beautifully Crafted Pagan & Wiccan Jewellery. Bring out the witch in you with our sterling silver witchy jewellery, and a small selection of bronze and pure copper jewellery. As well as pentagram jewellery SilverfireUK have an unusual & beautiful range of crescent moon jewellery, witches, Athame jewellery and more. 

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Pagan | Wiccan Pendants & Necklaces:

Pagan Wiccan Pendants & Necklaces, Witchy Jewellery

Pagan / Wiccan Earrings -Pentagram | Pentacle Earrings:

Pagan & Wiccan Earrings

Pagan | Wiccan Bracelets & Bangles: 

Witchy Bracelets, Pagan & Wiccan Bangles