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Celtic Jewellery For Men & Women with new Celtic Jewellery designs added for 2024: Silverfire UK Celtic Jewellery Designers and manufacturers based in Sussex UK, with beautiful sterling silver Celtic jewelry and a selection of gold. Good selection of Handmade celtic jewellery made in Sussex UK. . From traditional Celtic jewellery designs, Irish Shamrock and Claddagh Jewellery to Unusual Alternative Celtic Knot designs.

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Beautifully designed Celtic bracelet jewellery for men and women. A good range of Celtic cuff bracelets for men, and ladies Celtic knot bracelets with Celtic links the full length of the bracelet. A large selection of our Celtic bracelet jewellery is designed and handmade in solid silver by us at our UK workshop.

Celtic Bracelet Jewellery and Celtic Bangles | SilverfireUK Jewellery


Celtic Pendants & Celtic Necklace Jewellery

Gorgeous Celtic necklace jewellery for men and women including traditional Celtic designs and a selection of handmade alternative Celtic pendants and necklaces. Our Celtic necklace section is mostly crafted in solid sterling silver with a small selection of gold. Triquetra and Celtic Trinity necklaces, Irish Shamrocks, and unique Celtic knot designs. We handcraft a lot of the Celtic necklace jewellery. 

Celtic Necklace Jewellery and Celtic Pendants | SilverfireUK Jewellery


Jewellery: Celtic Earrings, including Celtic drop earrings, and Celtic studs 

Our Celtic earring Jewellery collection includes Celtic earrings for men as-well as women. Trinity earrings, Claddagh designs, Irish Shamrock, and many other earrings with Celtic Knot-work. 

Celtic Earring Jewellery, Celtic Dangle Earrings and Celtic Studs at Silverfire UK Jewellery


A good range of solid silver Celtic Jewellery for men, including Men's Celtic cuff bracelets, celtic design rings and Celtic knot stud earrings. A large amount of our Mens Jewellery is handmade by us at our UK workshop.

Mens Celtic Jewellery | SilverfireUK Jewellery For Him


Celtic Rings:

Ladies Sterling silver Celtic ring Jewellery as well as Celtic rings for men.

Celtic Rings | SilverfireUK Jewellery
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