Turquoise Inverted Teardrop Velvet Choker

Thin Black Choker, Velvet Choker Necklace, Sterling Silver Fixtures

£39.00 GBP

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Turquoise Inverted Teardrop VELVET Choker:  elegant thin velvet choker with sterling silver fixtures (including ribbon ends, clasps and extender), completed with a beautiful inverted teardrop pendant set with a Turquoise stone. The black velvet  is woven in Switzerland - this gorgeous velvet ribbon is of the finest quality.

This choker is also available as a leather choker or a sterling silver belcher choker - see our full selection of   CHOKER NECKLACES.   

Choose your preferred length choker from the Menu (there are 3 sizes to choose from). The average size for a choker is 13.5". If you don't see the length you require please let us know using the instruction box during checkout. (note that longer lengths to those shown might cost slightly more but there will be no difference in price if you require a shorter length).

Category: Choker Necklace, 
Material: Black Velvet & sterling silver fixtures & extender, 
Choker Band width: approximately 10mm, 
Choker Length: choose from the Menu. 
Pendant Size: approx 22mm (2.2cm) 

Note: the sizes shown in the images are not to scale. 



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