Triquetra Oak Tree Necklace

Triquetra Oak Tree Necklace, Triquetra Necklace With Oak Leaves

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Triquetra Oak Tree Necklace: very beautiful triquetra necklace inspired by the majestic oak tree! Designed in sterling silver with detailed oak and ash tree leaves branching outwards from the centre of the Triquetra where a beautiful rainbow moonstone resides. For some people, the centre of the Triquetra, with the circle in the centre of the knot, symbolises the union of three elements - a representation of the natural forces of earth, air, and water. 

This gorgeous Triquetra Oak Tree necklace can be purchased with or without a chain. 

Category: Oak Tree / Oak Leaf Jewellery, Triquetra Jewellery,  
Material: 925 solid sterling silver, 
Pendant Size: approx 30mm (3cm).  
Necklace Length: choose  from the menu. 

Note: rainbow moonstones will vary in terms of colour intensity, but usually they are a clear/whitish colour with hues of blue and small flashes of rainbow colours when the light catches. 


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