Steampunk Dragonfly Necklace

Steampunk Dragonfly! Large Steampunk Dragonfly Pendant With Long Chain

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A Large Steampunk Dragonfly! Nicely designed dragonfly necklace adorned with various vintage watch parts including cogs and plates. All cogs and plates are in fixed position other than the large cog situated where the chain hangs from.  The steampunk dragonfly also features jet hematite Swarovski crystals on the dragonfly's tail and a garnet Swarovski crystal in the centre of a large cog. Complete with chain necklace. Steampunk Design by SilverfireUK.

Category: Steampunk Necklace 
Size of Dragonfly: approximately 72mm x 40mm (7cm x 4cm)
Stones: Swarovski crystals 
Length of Necklace: Adjustable up to a maximum length of 26"
Materials: Dragonfly Base: Zinc Alloy, Antique Bronze/Gold Colour. Various materials used to build the design including epoxy putty, glue, acrylic paints and polish/gloss finishers. Watch Parts: Various materials including Brass & stainless steel. Necklace: Alloy, Antique Bronze/Gold Colour.  

Note: in keeping with true steampunk style each dragonfly necklace will vary slightly in design due to the vintage watch parts being unique and becsaue this is a hand-finshed item! 

As with most of our steampunk jewellery we do not recommend this necklace for children due to small watch parts.

 Video of our Steampunk Dragonfly! The video may take a few seconds to load. 


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