Star Threader Earrings (small 10mm stars)

Star Threader Earrings, Silver Star Pull Through Earrings

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Star Threader Earrings: sterling silver elegant ear threaders with double sided Star charms.  The small 10mm silver stars are beautifully designed, double sided, and they are not too thick so the earrings are less heavy for the ears. These star pull through earrings consist of pretty sterling silver elegant chains with a U shaped silver wire component which sits through the ear. Some find having the U shaped component makes the earrings more comfortable to wear than ear threaders made from just chain. Sold as a pair and as with all of our earrings these Star ear threader come with a presentation gift box. 

Category: Star Threaders, 
Metal: solid 925 sterling silver, 
New Threader Length: approximate full length 120mm (12cm), but the actual length of the longer side that the star hangs is approx 65mm including the star.
Star charm Size: approx 10mm (1cm) . 



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