Small Wild Pentagram Pendant, 15mm

Small Pentagram Pendant: Open Pentagram - 'Wild', sterling Silver

£16.98 GBP

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Small Pentagram Pendant - A smaller version of our very popular Open pentagram pendant, known as a Wild Pentagram. Crafted in solid sterling silver, the Approximate size of our pentagram pendant 15mm (1.5cm) .

This listing gives you the opportunity to buy the pendant on its own without a chain. You can also purchase our small wild pentagram pendant with a chain.  We call these striking open pentagram pendants wild pentagrams because they're not within a circle. Wild pentagrams make lovely eye-catching Wiccan / Pagan pendants. The wild pentagram allows the wearer to be at one with the Elements without the need for a protective circle. Wild pentagram earrings also available. 

If you'd prefer a larger Wild Pentagram pendant see here.

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