Small Gold Trinity Knot Pendant, 9ct Gold (no chain)

Small Gold Trinity Knot Pendant, 9ct Gold (no chain)

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Small Gold Trinity Knot Pendant: dainty 9ct yellow gold Trinity Knot pendant, otherwise known as the Triquetra symbol, or the Celtic Triangle.  Our small gold Trinity knot necklace comes on its own without a chain. As with all of our  Celtic Jewellery,  this Trinity necklace comes with a presentation gift box. Also see our full range of Triquetra & Trinity Jewellery.   

Category: Trinity Knot "Triquetra Jewellery, 
Material: 9ct yellow Gold, 
Pendant Size: small approx 5mm (0.5cm). 

Triquetra' is also known as the 'Trinity Knot' or the Celtic Triangle and is one of the most popular Celtic symbols. The Triquetra comes from the Latin "three corner". The Trinity Knot and Triquetra design consists of three corners (arcs) and some Triquetra designs feature a circle in the centre to symbolise the union of three elements; the three are one (see below). It's a very old symbol often associated with the Celts and it's been found on carved stones from the 8th century. The Celts/Druids, saw the three interlocking celtic knots as a representation of the natural forces of earth, air, and water. 

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