NEW: Skull Curb Bracelet (stainless steel)

Skull Curb Bracelet Stainless Steel, Curb Bracelet With Skulls

£30.00 GBP

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Skull Curb Bracelet: nice stainless steel curb link bracelet with x5 skulls. Good detail to the skulls. The chain is approx 8mm width x 2.6mm deep. The full length of the skull centrepiece is approx 43mm across x 14mm. The full length of the skull bracelet is approx 8.4inch and the length can be shortened slightly as the clasp fits through the main chain links. 

As with all of our  Skull Jewellery,  this skull bracelet comes with a presentation gift box. 

Category: Skull bracelet, Skull Jewellery, 
Material: stainless steel  
Approximate Length: 8.4 inch. 


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