Paw Print HEART Earrings - custom made

Custom Paw Print Earrings, Pet Paw Print Heart Earrings

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Paw Print Earrings Custom Made - Your pets paw print captured within solid silver charms in the shape of a heart on sterling silver dangle drop earrings. As with all of our custom made silver charms these earrings are crafted especially for you from sterling silver using a paw prints from your pet.  YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE THESE EARRINGS AS SINGLES OR AS A PAIR. If buying as a pair you don't have to have the same paw print on each one and you can choose to have a message on one or both; perhaps an anniversary date and or your pets name, etc. 

The depth / thickness of the silver heart charms will be approximately 1.6mm and there are two size charms to choose from, either 14mm or  18mm. All sizes are approximate. 

Custom paw print Heart charms are also available to buy as a charm bracelet, or a necklace.

    At checkout you have the option to add any special instructions such as whether you want a name, a date or a short message on your paw print charm. Don't worry if you don't want to add special instructions at the Checkout as we will send you a special instruction form in the post along with one of our impression kits.

    Within 1 - 2 working days of receiving your order we will dispatch the following two items in the post (sent by recorded post):

    • An impression kit. Our impression kits enable you to easily take your pets prints.The kit includes 1 x special printing paper (roughly A4 size) which is large enough to take several prints of your pets paws, and 1 x inkless wipe. The wipe can be reused several times. They are non-toxic and safe to use on young children (including babies) and pets. Full instructions will be included with the kit but don't worry as it's very easy!

    • Along with the impression kit we'll also send you a form just in case you want to give us any special instructions about your order.

    After taking your pets paw prints  you send the prints (along with the form) back to us in the self addressed hard-back envelope that we provide. WE even supply the stamps - although we do recommend that you return the prints by recorded delivery and/or by email to ensure safe receipt. 

    Adding a Name or Message
    Either at checkout or use the form we'll send you in the post to give us any special instructions, such as the name, date or personal message that you would like on your silver charm. Usually no more than 5 - 9 letters or numbers depending on the size of the silver charm. We can help you with this when we know what size charm you'd like. 

    Receiving your Personalised Print Earrings - a quick turn around! 
    We will complete your order within 5 - 7 working days of receiving your prints. We will send your personalised handcrafted jewellery to you by Royal Mail.

    From January 2017 all of our custom made charms will be made from 925 sterling silver unless you specifically ask us for 99.9% fine silver. 

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