Onyx Pear Drop Earrings

Onyx Pear Drop Earrings, Paradrop Earrings With Onyx

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Onyx Pear Drop Earrings: striking peardrop dangle earrings made from faceted Onyx gemstone with a small white pearl to the top and tiny sterling silver balls between each join. Really lovely onyx earrings! The pear drop is fully 3 dimensional meaning that the facets of the onyx go all the way around. 

Matching Onyx Pear Drop Leather Choker available; the earrings are smaller than the pendant on the choker. 

Category: Earrings, Onyx,  
Metal:: sterling silver, 
Gemstones: onyx gemstone & pearl. 
Size: approx 18mm x 8mm 

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Onyx Pear Drop Leather Choker

onyx pear drop choker necklace


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