Skull Leather Bracelet "Noose Skull" with stainless steel

Skull Leather Bracelet For Men & Women, Noose Skull Bracelet, 5 Sizes

£39.99 GBP

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Skull Leather Bracelet - Leather with Stainless Steel. Nicely detailed leather bracelet with a stainless steel Skull with a sliding 'noose' action clasp. The noose hangs over the skull's head to open and fasten the bracelet. Comes in black leather. With 5 sizes to choose from this bracelet is suitable for men and women.  If your size is showing as out of stock please contact us as we may have your size available. 

These bracelets feature two leather cords of a decent thickness (approx 5mm each) and the stainless steel skull has good detail with a smooth finish, unlike cheaper rip-off versions that are out there!  

Various sizes available from Ladies 7.4 inch up to Mens Large 9 inches (23cm).  Choose your size from the Bracelet menu. 

Made from genuine leather & 316L stainless steel. 

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