Mens Elephant Bracelet (leather & sterling silver)

Elephant Leather Bracelet For Men, Leather & Sterling Silver Bracelet

£94.00 GBP

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Elephant Bracelet: Our sterling silver Elephant Talisman Charm complete with a black leather talisman  bracelet for men. These Elephant Charms are beautifully detailed  and are made in sterling silver, as are the ends of the bracelet. Other talisman charm bracelets available - the silver charms are specifically made with clasps to fit the talisman leather bracelets and they are fully interchangeable - so you can change your style as and when you like. 

Each Talisman charm is said to have a positive meaning and the Elephant charm is for Longevity, Loyalty & Good Luck.   

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Category:  Talisman Charm, Elephant,   
Material: 925 sterling silver, 
Charm Size: approx 12mm (1.2cm), 
Charm silver weight: approx 7.5g. 
Bracelet Length: approx just under 8.5 inch. 


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