Mans Best Friend Dog Bracelet (leather & sterling silver)

Elephant Leather Bracelet For Men, Leather & Sterling Silver Bracelet

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10% off.  Mans Best Friend Dog Bracelet: mens black leather bracelet with sterling silver ends and a 'mans best friend' dog charm as the centrepiece.. These detailed talisman Dog Charms are also made in sterling silver. Other talisman charms available - they're fully interchangeable with clasps so you can change your style as and when you like.

Each Talisman charm is said to have a positive meaning and the Dog  charm is said to help bring feelings of belonging and friendship.  

This Dog Charm is also available to purchase with the leather bracelet.  

See our full range of Talisman charm bracelets.  

Category:  Talisman Charm, Dog,    
Material: 925 sterling silver, 
Charm Size: approx 14mm (1.4cm) 
Charm silver weight: approx 9g. 
Bracelet Length: just under approx 8.5 inch. 


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