NEW: Mens One Off Reticulated Silver Ring (B), Adjustable

Mens One Off Reticulated Silver Ring (B), Adjustable Rustic Style Ring

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Mens Silver Ring, One Off: unique ring for men handmade in solid sterling silver with random patterning made using the technique of reticulation. Reticulation is where the surface of the silver is heated until it's molten at which point the heat is removed to let the heated surface cool. This creates the causing random texture which makes each piece unique. This mens one off ring can be carefully and gently adjusted from approx size R up to size U. 

Category: Silver Rings, One Off Jewellery, 

Metal: solid 925 sterling silver, 
Sizes:  adjustable approx sizes R to U. Back of  band width approx 5.23mm, two band width at front approx 10.05mm when measured together. 



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