Mens Celtic Hydra Dragon Necklace

Mens Silver Hydra Dragon Necklace, Dragon Celtic Necklace For Men

£30.98 GBP

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Mens Celtic Hydra Dragon Necklace: impressive dragon necklace for men with three dragon heads creating the Celtic symbol of the Triskele. Beautifully designed in solid sterling silver our Hydra Dragon necklace makes for a lovely piece of Dragon Jewellery! This dragon necklace can be purchased on its own (without as chain) or with a chunky cable style chain for men which suits this dragon pendant perfectly! 

If your looking to purchase a dragon necklace for women, you can always purchase the pendant only and then choose a separate ladies chain. 

Category: Dragon Necklace | Dragon Jewellery,  
Material: 925 sterling silver, 
Size Of Pendant:  approx 30mm (3cm).  
Length Of Necklace: choose form the options Menu.


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