Gothic Bat Choker with Red Jewel (unisex)

Gothic Bat Choker with Red Jewel, Silver Bat Gothic Leather Choker

£48.00 GBP

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Gothic Bat Choker With Red Jewel: Nicely designed bat necklace with a gothic style bat holding a red stone. The gothic bat is crafted in sterling silver complete with a leather choker style necklace. The gothic choker has sterling silver fixtures, extension & clasp. Three sizes to choose from making this bat choker suitable for men as well as women. Obviously for men choose the longer lengths!

Category: Gothic Bat Choker,
Material: sterling silver, red stone, black leather, 
Bat Size: approximately 40mm x 24mm (4cm x 2.2cm), 
Choker Length: choose from 14- 16inch, 16 - 18 inch, 18 - 20inch, 


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