Dainty Celtic Knot Earrings, Triquetra's

Dainty Celtic Knot Earrings, Elongated Triquetra Earrings

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Dainty Celtic Knot Earrings: elegant Celtic earrings with small Celtic knot patterns.  The Celtic knots are small elongated Triquetra trinity symbols facing each other. Crafted from sterling silver, these elegant and lightweight Celtic knot earrings come with a presentation gift box. 

Matching Celtic Bracelet available. The Celtic symbols on the earrings are slightly larger than the small ones on the bracelet, but they are still fairly small. They look much larger in the image! 

Category: Celtic Earrings,  Celtic Jewellery,    
Metal: 925 sterling silver,  
Size of small Celtic knots: each one approx 16.5mm long x  6.5mm width.  

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