Claddagh Rose Heart Necklace (Silver with Rose Gold)

Claddagh Rose Heart Necklace, Silver Claddagh with Rose Gold Pl Heart

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25% Off Claddagh Rose Heart Necklace: a lovely designed small Claddagh heart in sterling silver with beautiful rose gold plating and a Rhodium plated sterling silver chain.  The Claddagh that sits from one side of the rose gold heart to the other side is in plain sterling silver. More Claddagh Jewellery available. 

Our Claddagh Rose Necklace has an 18 inch sterling silver chain with Rhodium plating. Rhodium is a precious metal and plated over silver is said to help against tarnishing, but keep in mind that Rhodium plated silver chains have a slightly darker appearance to plain sterling silver chains ( to a degree they resemble the look of white gold chains); the chain compliments the pendant well. Also comes gift boxed. 

Category: Claddagh, Heart Jewellery, 
Metal: sterling silver pendant with rsoe gold plate, sterling silver chain with Rhodium plate. 
Pendant Size: approx 15mm. 
Necklace Length: 18 inch. 

Tip: with sterling silver items plated with a fine layer of gold, the plating will eventually wear/fade away over time to reveal the sterling silver underneath.To prolong the life of  the gold plate avoid getting it wet (also chemicals in lotions and perfumes can tarnish jewellery), .and take extra care when cleaning the jewellery. 


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