Circle Celtic Dangle Earrings

Circle Celtic Knot Earrings, Circular Celtic Earrings

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20% off  Circle Celtic Knot Earrings:  lovely circular Celtic design earrings with beautiful Celtic knot work forming the shape of a crescent moon at the bottom of the pendant that reaches up around  open middle. Designed in sterling silver complete with a presentation earrings box.  

A matching Celtic necklace is available (see below), or see our full range of   Celtic Jewellery.  The diameter of the earrings is smaller than the necklace. 

Category: Celtic Earrings Celtic Jewellery, 
Material: 925 solid sterling silver,  
Earring size: approx 14mm (1.4cm). 

Matching Celtic Necklace:

Circle Celtic Knot Necklace


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