Celtic Pentacle Locket Necklace

Celtic Pentacle Locket, Solid Silver Poison Pendant - Gothic Locket

£49.00 GBP

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Pentacle Locket - A stunning silver locket featuring a pentagram within a circle amongst Celtic style weaves. Beautifully designed in solid sterling silver with good detail. Otherwise known as a pill box pendant or poison locket; the top of the locket opens to reveal a small compartment to store keepsakes. There's now the opportunity to purchase the locket on its own (without a chin) or with one of our sterling silver 20 inch medium curb chains (unisex), which compliment the locket nicely - choose from the menu. 

Category: Locket Necklace, 
Material: 925 sterling silver, 
Size of Locket: approximately 30mm length (3cm), 
Necklace Length: choose from the menu to add a chain. 

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