Butterfly Earrings With Paua Shell

Butterfly Earrings In Sterling silver Set With Paua Shell

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Butterfly Earrings- beautiful butterfly drop earrings in solid sterling silver set with pretty paua shell. Our Paua Shell Butterfly earrings have gorgeous shades of blues and greens with lovely patterning. Matching paua shell butterfly necklace available too. The butterfly earrings are smaller than the butterfly pendant that comes with our necklace.  

A lot of paua shell jewellery you see on the internet is not set in solid silver but instead cheap alloy with 'silver tone' or a thin layer of silver plate -  all of our paua shell jewellery is set in real silver.  

Category: Butterfly Earrings | Butterfly Jewellery, 
Material: 925 Sterling silver, 
Stones: Paua Shell, 
Size: approximately 14mm x 10mm (1.4cm x 1cm), 

Note: the colours, shades and patterning of the paua shell can vary from that shown in the picture as each paua shell is unique. 

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