Butterfly Charm Bracelet (sterling silver), 7.5"

Butterfly Charm Bracelet, Butterfly Charms, Silver Butterfly Bracelet

£25.00 GBP

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A lovely butterfly charm bracelet featuring a 7.5" sterling silver charm bracelet and x1 butterfly charm.  All made from solid sterling silver.  
The butterfly charm comes already attached to the charm bracelet with a secure jump ring that can be open and closed to reposition the charm if needed. This bracelet is perfect for adding other charms or wear the bracelet as it is - it's very pretty. 
Approx Sizes:
  • Butterfly Charm: 10mm x 12mm 
  • Silver Charm Bracelet: 7.5mm length.
Our charms come with high quality sterling silver jump rings that can carefully be opened and closed again if you wish to move your charms around. Because we use quite thick jump rings the careful use of pliers may be required to open and close the jump rings correctly. 

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