Angel Wing Heart Pill Box Locket, 24mm

Angel Wing Heart Locket, Solid Silver Heart Locket with Angel Wings

£60.00 GBP

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Angel Wing Heart Locket Necklace: beautiful classic Angel wings design in solid Sterling Silver. This angel locket has a lovely ornate bale from where the chain hangs. This is the larger of our angel wing lockets. The heart shaped Angel Wings open to reveal the deep inset where you can place your small keepsakes. Due to the deep inset this angel wing locket is known as a pill box or poison pendant - it doesn't necessarily mean it's for pills though - it's entirely up to you want keepsake you choose! 

While you can keep a small picture inside this locket, it is quite a deep inset, so if you are looking specifically to keep pictures, you might prefer our other angel wing picture locket which is shallower - see our other angel wing lockets. 

This gorgeous angel pill box locket is available to purchase with or without a chain. 

You might also be interested in the Keepsake Angel Wing Locket which comes complete with a custom made silver charm featuring your loved-ones fingerprints or your pets paw prints - see here

Category: Angel Jewellery, Lockets,
Metal: solid 925 sterling silver, 
Approximate Size: 24mm.


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