Amber Spider Web Earrings (studs)

Amber Spider Web Earrings, Cobweb Spider Earrings, Silver with Amber

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Amber Spider Web Earrings: beautiful spider earrings with the silver spiders dangling from their cobwebs. These are solid sterling silver spider stud earrings with  the spider's abdomen set with Amber, and two tiny amber gemstones for the spiders eyes. From the silver webs hangs a delicate thin silver rod which represents the silk thread of a spiders web. 

As with all of our earrings these gorgeous spider cobweb earrings are sold as a pair and they come with a presentation gift box. 

We have more  Spider Jewellery  available. 

Category: Spider Earrings (stud fitting),  Spider Jewellery,  
Metal: solid 925 sterling silver, 
Gemstone: Baltic Amber, 
Size of Spider approx 18mm length x 16.5mm width at the widest, 
Cobweb Size: Approx 18mm length x 14mm width
FULL Length: including the thin delicate rod: 50mm (5cm). 

NOTE: the thin silver rods are lovely and delicate and just like silk threads of a spider's web they are quite strong and hold the weight of the spiders well, but be gentle and don't fiddle with them too much so you don't bend them out of shape! 



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