Paw Print Jewellery | Jewellery With Your Pets Paw Prints

Paw Print Jewellery, Personalised Handcrafted Pet Paw Print JewelleryWe send you a special impression kit, you take your pets paw print, you send the prints to us and we magically set your pets paw prints within a fine silver charm…. Tah Dah! 

Pet Paw Print Silver Jewellery

Paw Print Jewellery to choose from includes necklaces, charm bracelets, earrings and key rings - all of which make special gifts for men as well as women. 
Why Choose Us??
1. We specialise in custom paw print jewellery - so we know what we're doing! Our silver charms are finished to a high standard with no lumps and bumps in the silver! 
2. We only use the finest silver, 925 sterling silver, suitable for everyday wear.
3. Our paw print charms are of a nice thickness, at least 1.8mm - 2mm (which is much thicker than many cheaper versions) and our paw print earrings are approximately 1.6mm thickness. 
4. The necklaces and bracelets we use are excellent quality sterling silver (925 silver). Our mens necklaces we make using the finest Greek leather with sterling silver fixtures and clasps.
5. With our paw print jewellery we include a certificate of authenticity showing that your paw print charm is made using your pets paw print and is crafted from fine silver. 
See our range of paw print jewellery here
From January 2017 all of our custom made charms will be made from 925 sterling silver unless you specifically request 99.9% fine silver.