Steampunk Silver Locket (pill box pendant)

Steampunk Locket In Sterling Silver, Steampunk Pill Box Pendant

£70.95 GBP

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Steampunk Silver Locket: Unusual round sterling silver locket set with various vintage watch parts and a watch movement piece with it's original jewels (the shape , size and number of jewels will vary on each piece). Our Steampunk locket is made from solid sterling silver and the vintage watch parts from various metals.

Note that the locket looks larger in the picture, the actual size of this locket is approximately 22mm in diameter. . Suitable for small keepsakes, or small pills - hence why it's also know as a pill box pendant or poison pendant! You can either purchase our Steampunk Locket on its own (without a chain) or you can add a chain from the menu.  Other  Steampunk Jewellery  available. 

NOTE: this is a handmade item and as such each piece will vary slightly in design making each locket unique. Not all watch parts will be the same!  Some of the watch movement pieces may have the watch dial to the side, while others might not. All of the watch parts will be set in a fixed position.

Made To Order: please allow approx 10 working days for us to make your steampunk locket and deliver in the UK (longer to International destinations). 

Category: Steampunk Locket, Steampunk Jewellery, 
Materials: 925 sterling silver locket, epoxy putty, bronze & other metal watch parts, 
Locket Size: overall size approximately 22mm (2.2cm).  

As with all of our steampunk jewellery we do not recommend this item for children.  We also don't recommend getting the locket wet, don't bath/shower while wearing it  etc! Do not try to twist/turn watch dial parts as they are fixed into position.



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