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Pet Paw Print Jewellery

Pet Paw Prints In Silver Jewellery, Personalised Jewellery UK

Paw Print Jewellery ... Personalised Custom Made Charms in Sterling Silver ... Personalised jewellery For Men As Well As Women.  
Have you ever wanted to capture your dog or your cats paw prints in a way that you can treasure them forever - even after they have gone? We can capture your pets paw prints within solid silver jewellery! And it's not just limited to cats and dogs. We can capture the paw prints of any type of animal from the large to very small pets. You can choose to have your pets paw prints on a silver charm with the following shapes to choose from: circle, heart or the classic shape of a dog tag.. 
Choose from our Paw Print Jewellery below from necklaces for men & women, bracelets or paw print earrings. 
    Why Choose Us? 

    1. We specialise in custom paw print jewellery - so we know what we're doing! Our silver charms are finished to a high standard with no large lumps or horrible bumps in the silver.

    2. We only use the finest silver, 925 sterling silver, suitable for everyday wear.

    3. Our paw print charms are of a nice thickness, much thicker than many cheaper versions, as well as the majority of the more expensive ones for that matter! 

    4. With our paw print jewellery we include a certificate of authenticity showing that your paw print charm is made using your pets paw print and is crafted from sterling silver.

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